don’t be a couch potato, be a hot potato.

Future Potato is a sustainability consultancy that thinks out of the box, drives change and likes potatoes very much.

Sustainability is our thing. It keeps us on our toes. It keeps us awake day and night. It’s our passion. It’s also our anxiety. We are dedicated to transform.

What’s cooking?

our services

#1 Your Potential

Triple bottom line is the starting point. We assess your impacts. We build strategy and execute them. We provide solution driven impact management plans. We prepare sustainability reports.

#2 Learning Potential

Change is inevitable. Everybody has to be prepared. We help you spread the word within the organization. We help you adjust and reshape your thinking.

#3 Creative Potential

As experienced podcast hosts we believe in personalized content creation. We even have our own studio to create and produce audiovisual content for you.

#4 Communication Potential

Do it right and talk about it to your internal and external audiences. We offer strategic communication and stakeholder engagement plans.

Who is cooking?

who we are
Buru Évi

#1 Buru Évi

creative strategist, sustainability communication expert, experienced change manager, visual content designer, struggles with climate anxiety, she likes sweet potatoes. 

Tomaj ZSófi

#2 Tomaj Zsófi

sustainability expert, SDG lover, according to Évi she is assertive but actually a born diplomat, she has been raised on potatoes.